Practical Engineering Fuel Gas Heater Pressure Vessels

Gas pressure vessels are generally designed to stir, mix and hold gas at a substantially different pressure than that of the surrounding atmosphere. As a result of this pressure, there are a variety of safety precautions that manufacturers and operators must take and the applicable Australian Standard is AS1210.

On gas fields, operators require pressure vessels to operate at high temperatures in order to remove impurities from the gas. The gas enters the pressure vessel before being heated to the required level exiting the vessel and travelling on to the next part of the process. Fuel gas heater pressure vessels are required to be manufactured in such a way that they and all their components not only operate efficiently under pressure, but also under variances in temperature.

In accordance with Australian Standard AS 1200, pressure vessels are categorised into one of five hazard levels depending on their volume, contents and service conditions. These range from Hazard Level A (High Hazard) through to Hazard Level E (Negligible Hazard).

The casing, nozzles, gauges, valves, heater bundles and pressure components of fuel gas heater pressure vessels must all be able to withstand not only extremely high temperatures, but also rapid decompression and drops in temperature. Due to the significant risks associated with the failure of pressure vessels within the higher hazard levels, a third party engineer must be engaged to assess the design and ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

As a result of their complex and hazardous nature, few Australian companies have the expertise to build custom fuel gas heater pressure vessels. Often operators choose to have their vessels built offshore risking a compromise in quality and a failure to meet the relevant Australian Standards.

At Practical Engineering, we are accomplished in the design, certification and production of custom fuel gas heater pressure vessels. Our team of mechanical and process engineers specialise in both the design and analysis of complex pressure equipment and have the capability to meet all industry requirements for oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and general process to both AS 1210 and ASME VII compliance. Our engineers hold RPEQ, CPEng and NER qualifications, satisfying the requirements of state or territory regulatory bodies throughout Australia.

Practical Engineering has successfully produced numerous fuel gas heater pressure vessels for Thermal Electric Elements with the latest having just successfully passed testing. Design verification and construction of the AS 1210 certified pressure vessels was carried out in house utilising locally sourced materials and our code compliant tradespeople.

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