Internship at Practical Engineering Australia

“During my internship at Practical Engineering Australia (PEA) I have been exposed to a wide range of experiences and professional engineering practices. University offers a great foundational understanding of the theoretical concepts behind engineering work but what an engineer does on a day to day basis can remain somewhat of a mystery. With undergrad placements, the connection is made between theory and best industrial practise in a way that rewards enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

While trying to bring such an attitude to the table, I found myself able to work on a wide array of engineering problems after showing aptitude on some “follow me” style projects early on. These projects showed signs of synergy with what I had already learnt at university, with some twists here and there. A beam analysis of a warehouse roof felt right at home but going on site and measuring the actual deflection that was predicted was a particularly rewarding moment. I could immediately see how the calculations, that I perform every day at university, translate to the real world.

Upon showing that I had my head on the right way, I was pleased to be met with a full concept design job. Working and communicating with one of our engineering directors, Vimal Soni, I had the opportunity to create a number of concept trailer designs. Taking on such a task required me to fully utilise the wealth of knowledge and experience around me. I had a lot of seasoned engineers to draw knowledge from to enable me to complete the designs. The job overall was very rewarding being able to see a set of requirements progress through to a fully visualised 3D model on Inventor.

I will take what I have learnt from Practical Engineering back to university and I have no doubt that my exposure to industry practise and challenges will greatly enhance my studies.

I look forward to my next instalment at Practical Engineering later in 2021.”