1005, 2022

Scissor Lift Design

Mechanical concepts are sometimes tricky to envisage, involving moving parts and changing geometry. Our engineers at Practical have recently found a use for their primary school craft skills by developing a paddle pop stick concept of a scissor lift design. The team found it surprisingly useful during the design...

2804, 2021

A Very Practical Tank Design

Vortex Group operates in some of the harshest environments across the country and needs its equipment to perform regardless the conditions. Working in collaboration to design a resilient tank to suit any condition was no easy feat, and when we say any condition, we mean any. The new Silt...

2202, 2021

Resistor Enclosure Certification

Practical Engineering Australia can meet all your hot-rolled structural steel requirements, but did you know we also design and certify cold-formed carbon and stainless steel structures? Resistor enclosures like these are certified for cyclonic wind regions and high seismicity. Thanks Fortress Resistors for partnering with us. For more information...

1102, 2021

6m Duct Articulating Extension Arm

Practical Engineering were engaged by Fantech Pty. Ltd. to design a 6m articulating steel extension arm that would support Ø500 ducting to extract diesel fumes from V/Line trains while they are idling in a train depot. Fantech contacted Practical Engineering to develop this design as the extension arm that...

2501, 2021

Drone inspections

Much to the delight of a room full of engineers, PEA has recently acquired a new toy and this particular gliding-gadget sounds more like a swarm of angry wasps than anything else in our tool cupboard. Site inspections involving difficult-to-reach places always represent a compromise on safety or involve...

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