Practical Services

RPEQ Certification

RPEQ certification is the process by which a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) provides, endorses or approves a professional engineering service…

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Design & Construct

Practical Engineering is a multidisciplinary design and construction company with extensive knowledge and experience in project management and the execution of contracts…

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Mechanical, Structural & Process Design

Practical Engineering offers a broad range of design experience across many industry sectors for complex structures …

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Testing, Certification & Inspection

There are 3 stages to executing a successful evaluation of an existing asset:
Stage 1 – Inspection …

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Pressure Vessel Design & Verification

Pressure equipment such as pressure vessels are major hazards to their surrounding environment, typically used to store their contents at elevated pressures and temperatures with explosive potential …

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Light & Heavy Vehicle Approval

Practical Engineering’s Queensland Transport Approved Person(s) provides consultancy for Light and Heavy vehicle modifications and ADR compliance including inspection and certification services and …

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