While some engineers excel at theoretical engineering and running numbers, the market required engineers who were able to combine quality theoretical engineering skills with real world know-how. To meet this gap in the engineering sector Practical Engineering was born in 1997 as a small home based Mechanical Engineering consultancy servicing the ship building and mining industries.

In 2001, Practical Engineering expanded its workforce warranting a bigger establishment in Rocklea. As the workforce grew along with Practical’s rapport in the industry, so did its service capabilities broaden to include the manufacture of its innovative designs.

Expansion did not stop there. By 2011 Practical Engineering had grown significantly following a move to a larger office and a workshop facility in Acacia Ridge. This allowed Practical Engineering to progress its journey towards offering complete solutions to the client including multidisciplinary Design and Construct projects.

Over the following years Practical Engineering really hit its stride completing many innovative designs for clients and delivering successful Design and Construct projects. As the Australian manufacturing industry changed over the years it became obvious that Practical should focus on its key strengths of innovative designs and excellent project delivery. A strategic decision was made to partner with market leaders within the manufacturing and construction sectors which resulted in better value for money for our clients. On the back of that in 2019 the new directors of Practical Engineering, Jai Rice and Vimal Soni, decided to move the engineering and projects office to Milton.

Practical Engineering prides itself on employing both highly qualified experienced engineers and developing young engineers. This has created a practical team which has the ability to apply the  fundamental principles of engineering to best meet the client needs. This diversity in capability has given us the flexibility to continue to grow and adapt to the economic changes experienced by many industries. Looking towards the future, Practical is set to continue doing what it does best – creative thinking and delivering Practical Solutions.