Envelope Spreader Replacement

Practical Engineering were engaged by Black Rubber to repair and replace the overhead rails inside and outside of the autoclave to allow vulcanisation of the tyres in their Michelin accredited truck tyre retread factory.  PEA designed an affordable solution which allowed easy installation during a limited time window as not to disrupt production. Replacing all the overhead rail tracks with the new system has made future rail replacements simpler and more effective.

Black Rubber also required their European 30 years old envelope spreader machine to be overhauled. With only limited information available PEA were able to diagnose the issues and subsequently the solution. By welding additional plates, replacing all the arms, pins and bushes, PEA resurrected the machine and extend its working life. In addition, the overhaul has improved the functionality of the machine and made the operators task easier. Engineering is not all about 3D models and FEA. Experience, common sense and practical thinking goes along away to meet our clients’ needs.

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