Gas Flaring Systems

Practical Engineering has developed a range of flaring systems to cater to the drilling and mining industries. The systems range from mud-gas separating Flare Tanks to gas venting Blooie Pilots and degassing applications for CSG and flaring ahead of mining activities. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Flaring Systems with solutions based on quality, value and safety compliance.

Generally the systems consist of a flare head pilot which will mount to the tip of a flare stack. Pilot control is managed by the ICAMS (Ignition Control & Monitoring System) trolley which is located outside the hazardous area. A pilot fuel skid is located outside the operator exclusion zone and supplies gas through an AGA compliant control valve train to the pilot.

Practical engineering has a range of complete flare systems to cater for your individual flaring needs. We offer construction of turn-key packages or retrofit kits to allow upgrading of your existing flares. The systems are modular to allow ease of transport and rig-up. All components are suitably shielded to protect them from the radiant heat flux generated during flaring.

The PEA pilot system offers the following benefits:

– Australian code compliant, AGA compliance to Australian Gas Regulations for Class 1 (type B; non-monitored) burners.
– Operator control from outside the personnel exclusion zone (in accordance with API requirements).
– Modular system for easy rig up.
– Automated flame monitoring system.
– Automatic-ignition upon flame failure.
– Flame failure alarm to indicate system fault or empty gas LPG bottle.
– Gas supply isolation on flame failure timeout.
– Restart of pilot from outside the exclusion zone.
– Solar panel and battery for stand-alone remote operation of the ICAMS.

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