Self-Erecting Gantry Crane

Completion Date: January 2014

Practical Engineering is often called upon to develop innovative solutions for clients where all other options have been considered and only a bespoke solution is available. Practical’s unique capacity of being able to scope, 3D design, draft, RPEQ certify and then manufacture all under the one roof allows for a multifaceted approach to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

A recent example of our bespoke engineering capacity was when Practical Engineering was required to design and construct a self-erecting gantry crane with a 10m span. By engaging representatives from our estimating, design and manufacturing departments at the onset of the job, we were able to efficiently design and subsequently manufacture a solution which was fully compliant to the required Australian Standards and delivered on time and on budget to the client.

The crane has demonstrated such versatility in both its manual drive and powered drive arrangements, plus its ability to be readily upgraded in capacity, that it is receiving interest from small to intermediate workshops as an alternative to traditional workshop crane options.