500 kVA Generator Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

Completion Date: May 2015

Practical Engineering is proud to announce the completion and delivery of five generator set bases with integral 2000L bunded fuel tanks for Shellby Power. Shellby Power commissioned Practical to supply five 500kVA Trailer Mounted Generator Set bases. Combining Shellby Power’s expertise in power generation systems, and Practical’s mechanical design and construct capabilities, a high quality self-contained product was delivered. Practical was responsible for the design engineering and certification of the bases and fuel tanks, including the engine and radiator support structures. Our manufacturing department then undertook the fabrication within our fully equipped Acacia Ridge workshop, including code compliant welding, non-destructive and hydrostatic testing of the tanks and assembly of the units for final fit out at Shellby Power’s facility in Woodridge. Practical worked closely with Shellby on the project and delivered yet another practical and creative solution to our clients.