Axis 33 Substation EWP

National High Voltage Live Works Forum

Practical Engineering is proud to have presented our Axis 33 Substation EWP to the annual Energy Networks Association – National High Voltage Live Work Forum. Our thanks go out to Paul and the team at Energex for their ongoing support of our high voltage service equipment design and manufacture.

In addition to substation work, ongoing development is being undertaken to broaden the application the Axis 33 to allow extend the reach to 22m and increased insulation capacity to 66kV. This will give additional benefits of when accessing network infrastructure from residential lots and reduced impact on rural properties.

As well as these new developments the Axis family of EWPs will still be available with the following optional features:

– Trailer or wheeled base units.
– Trailer or vehicle mounted units
. – Basket raise function.
– Hydraulic connection for tools in the basket.
– Fully enclosed trailer.
– Open trailer.
– Material handler jib.