Port Of Brisbane Hardwood Chip Conveyor Design and Construct

Completion Date: November 2017

Increasing the rate of production, decreasing the costs of production and expanding capabilities are among the key reasons companies seek out mechanical engineering solutions.

As part of their expansion into the export of hardwood woodchip, Queensland Commodity Exports (QCE) sought to expand upon their existing processing capabilities, through developing additional outloading capacity and reducing costs associated with temporary equipment.

In collaboration with Brimar Electrical Services, Practical Engineering designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a new reclaim conveyor at QCE, within the Port of Brisbane industrial precinct. Practical’s in-house design and projects team were able to successfully convert the client’s performance requirements into a complete turn-key materials handling solution.

The new conveyor provides QCE with an efficient, reliable and permanent means of doubling its stockpile reclaim capacity to streamline ship loading for export to international markets.