Low Point Drain Trailer

Coal seam gas (CSG) gathering systems require many kilometres of pipelines and distribution networks, as the pipelines follow the surface topography natural water traps or low points are formed. Condensation of moisture from the gas can collect at these low points preventing free flow of gas. If the gas pressure is too low to drive the water out, it must be mechanically extracted.

Current processes require low point drains to be positioned along the distribution lines at remote locations to discharge the water out of the gas pipelines. With this in mind, a large energy company approached Practical Engineering, to develop a mobile solution to remove the condensed water.

Our Engineers conceptualised a compact design for a Low Point Drain Trailer prototype. The electrical equipment is positioned such that it complies with hazardous area environments. The prototype consists of a fully galvanised frame, complete with off road suspension and a trailer braking system. A UV stabilised HDPE tank with a working volume of 1500L mounted with a water transfer pump works in conjunction with carbon steel interconnecting piping to drain the accumulated water in the gathering network low points. A diesel powered air compressor provides pressurised air for safe operation of the transfer pump.

The existing solution requires personnel at both a Low Point Drain point and Compressor Station to manually raise the pressure of the distribution lines. They could be kilometres away from each other. The current process requires multiple personnel as well as coordinated communication at both points in order to successfully execute. The developed Low Point Drain Trailer eliminates the need for personnel at each compressor station and is able to be easily relocated to each low point drain location.

Practical Engineering is pleased to announce the successful completion and delivery of the Low Point Drain Trailer prototype, having successfully passed all functional and acceptance testing. The implementation of this prototype into the network will effectively eliminate previous process problems and ensure the client is provided with a practical and cost effective solution that has multisite applications.