Maroochydore And Murrumba Downs Grit Pump Station Upgrades

Completion Date: November 2017

Managing and maintaining existing infrastructure is a core part of the business of sewage treatment, required to ensure the ongoing and safe treatment of waste.

Unitywater owns and operates the Maroochydore and Murrumba Downs Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and both plants recently experienced grit blockage within the grit vortex, suction and discharge piping. Investigations suggested that the settlement of suspended grit while the grit vortex was in ‘standby’ mode and the inability of the grit pump to keep pace with the influent load during wet weather events were responsible.

Unitywater determined that to resolve this issue, they would pursue a simplification of the grit handling system and the provision of dedicated piping to allow for the incorporation of a second grit classifier in the future. The latter would allow for continuous grit extraction and eliminate the standby mode, and in turn the blockage issues.

The work to be undertaken at both Maroochydore and Murrumba Downs was similar, but with variances due to different control systems and protocols in place at each site. The job included the mechanical and electrical installation of new Borger rotary lobe pumps, with associated control valves and instrumentation and in addition to the design of an overall arrangement that would take the capabilities of these specific pumps into consideration. Furthermore mechanical and electrical decommissioning of the existing grit system was required, including pumps, valves, piping, cabling and switchgear.

Practical Engineering, with extensive experience in providing mechanical engineering solutions to the utilities sector, was well positioned to manage the design and installation of the new Grit system. Alongside industrial automation partner SALCAN Process Technology, Practical was able to provide end-to-end project design, management, installation and commissioning to Unitywater.

With thoughtful consideration and planning including key stakeholder engagement from Unitywater operations staff, Practical was able to mitigate project risks and ensure that each STP experienced minimal downtime during the process.

Providing Unitywater with transparency on costs, timeframes and deliverables, design services for bespoke machinery, problem solving and custom testing, in partnership with SALCAN, Practical delivered a complete turn-key solution to Unitywater.

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