RTG-65 Dual Cranes Design and Commissioning

Completion Date: September 2017

As a mechanical engineering specialist, Practical Engineering is generally not associated with roadworks. However, we are proud to have played a part in the $300 million upgrade to the M80 Ring Road in Victoria to widen the EJ Whitten Bridge from three lanes in each direction to five.

Practical has provided support to infrastructure specialist Fulton Hogan as they worked to widen the bridge over the Maribrynong River escarpment in Melbourne. We are delighted to have partnered with Fulton Hogan, a trusted family-owned company with values that align closely with our own.

To complete this upgrade, Fulton Hogan required special lifting equipment and cranes to carry out complex and critical lifts throughout the duration of the project. Practical Engineering performed structural design and verification of two purpose-built 65 tonne gantry cranes that straddle each side of the existing bridge to perform lifts in between bridge sections. Now known as the RTG-65 cranes, the gantry cranes have successfully performed many individual lifts installing bridge beams, decking and assisting with transport of materials, however their true mechanical prowess is best observed when they perform their 110 tonne dual lift.

The RTG-65s were designed for long-travel along the EJ Whitten Bridge such that they tracked within millimetres from the edge of existing bridge sections, utilising the least amount of roadway required to perform lifts. By making efficient use of the roadway, the RTG-65s enabled the works to be completed while allowing the original bridge to remain open to traffic, minimising disruption to motorists.

Practical Engineering was engaged by Fulton Hogan to design and certify the cranes according to the relevant Australian Standards and provide a CPEng Design Certificate for the RTG-65 crane design. The Practical team also designed, supplied and verified the crucial auxiliary hoists and provided Fulton Hogan with an operation and maintenance manual for the cranes and coordinated a CraneSafe “Green Sticker”.

Ensuring crane safety and compliance is a critical component of keeping worksites safe. When it comes to cranes and lifting equipment, Practical Engineering has an exceptional depth of insight, expertise and experience that attracts quality partners such as Fulton Hogan.

If you require crane design, inspection or certification or seek to mitigate your risk in any area, email sales@praceng.com.au or call 07 3875 2133.