Pressure vessel and tank design

At Practical Engineering, we recognise the importance of tanks and vessels across many industries and respect their inherent danger. We solve our clients’ problems and meet their specific requirements with solutions based on  quality, value and integrity.

We understand the vast range of  Australian standards and legislation for pressure vessels, tanks and tank farms, and can offer you a range of services for their safe use.

These include:

  • Site measurement and drafting of existing facilities
  • Tank thickness testing and assessment of tank farms for compliance to applicable standards

Depending on the material to be stored, the volume and the pressure, a hazard level assessment determines the requirements for state based design registration or plant registration.

  • Class designation to suit construction techniques.
  • Structural analysis for compliance to the applicable Australian and international standards.
  • Design and specification of pressure relief systems.
  • Manway and inspection access design.
  • Weld, NDT and post weld heat treatment specification.
  • Hydrostatic and Pneumatic testing of pressure vessels.

Layout and design of storage facilities to include:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Emergency response planning
  • Safe operation
  • Maintenance access
  • Separation distances
  • Spill containment (tank bund)
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Overfill protection
  • Loading stations
  • Vapour barriers
  • Lighting

Practical Engineering can offer tank design, drafting and certification, including the following:

  • API Standard 650, Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
  • API Standard 620, Recommended Rules for Design and Construction of Large Welded LowPressure Storage Tanks
  • API RP 2000, Venting Atmospheric and Low Pressure Storage Tanks
  • AS 2304-2011 Water storage tanks for fire protection systems
  • AS 1692-2006 Steel tanks for flammable and combustible liquids 


Assessment of the impact of modifications to existing facility registrations, assessment of mixed class storages.

We can also provide assessment reports suitable for submission to council for storage facility registration.

  • Design and certification of transport vessels
  • Hydrostatic and crack testing of road tank vehicles.
  • Department of transport RPEQ certification of Dangerous Good Tankers