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The LPD-MAX™ is an automated system for extraction of water condensate from low points within gas gathering networks to facilitate unmanned operations, reduce landowner impact and maximise gas flows. The LPD-MAX™ utilises an innovative and patented Gas Breakthrough Monitor which detects the presence of gas to automatically cease draining.

The LPD-MAX™ lowers condensate build up throughout the gathering network and improves downstream gas flows and upstream back pressure effects. The units are a reliable, robust and efficient solution to this common problem throughout Queensland’s CSG fields.

The LPD-MAX™ offers remote monitoring, providing back to base data to ensure that the gathering network is operating effectively.

With four models available, the LPD-MAX™ offers a versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for automating low point drainage.

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Practical Engineering’s fully equipped LPD-MAX Production Facility, located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia