We streamline the delivery of complex industrial projects by combining in-house design, analysis, certification, drafting, project management, manufacture, installation and commissioning capabilities. 

What does this provide our clients? Efficiency. Simplicity. Results!

Our key capabilities include:

  • Pressure piping
  • Pressure vessels
  • Holding and storage tanks
  • Flaring systems
  • Processing equipment
  • Low point drain automation

Find out more about our innovative LPD-MAX™ which utilises a patented Gas Breakthrough Monitor to detect the presence of gas to automatically cease draining.

The LPD-MAX™ is an automated system for extraction of water condensate from low points within gas gathering networks to facilitate unmanned operations, reduce landowner impact and maximise gas flows.

Read about Practical Engineering's recent work in the Energy & Resources sector.

Oil & Gas
Energy & Resources
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Having worked in various trade industries, both in Australia and Internationally, for over twelve years, Scott brought to Practical Engineering a diverse and extensive skill set.

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Oil & Gas Projects

Thermal Electric

Dampier Bunbury Pipeline Vessels

Practical Engineering was approached by our long term client Thermal Electric Elements for the verification and fabrication of two fuel gas pressure vessels for compressor stations along the Dampier Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. The project involved the fabrication of two AS1210 compliant 300NB class 1500 vessels.

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BOC Nitrogen Heater Vessel

In October 2014 New South Wales based heating element manufacturer Thermal Electric Elements approached Practical Engineering for the design engineering, RPEQ verification and fabrication of a Regeneration Heater Pressure Vessel.

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Logicamms and Arrow Energy

Low Point Drain Trailer

Coal seam gas (CSG) gathering systems require many kilometres of pipelines and distribution networks, as the pipelines follow the surface topography natural water traps or low points are formed. Condensation of moisture from the gas can collect at these low points preventing free flow of gas. If the gas pressure is too low to drive the water out, it must be mechanically extracted.

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Large Energy Producer

Oil Heating Skid Prototype

The Oil Heating Skid Prototype was designed and manufactured by Practical Engineering to address the downtime maintenance issues clients experience. The Heating Skid allows rapid heating of process equipment via flexible hose connections, which means clients can continue powering on without any disruptions.

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